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Yolo Watersports - Paddle Board - Captiva, FL
Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport since snowboarding. An ever growing trend around the world. Come experience it for yourself.

We offer a wide variety of boards for every age and skill level, from beginner to advanced SUP riders. Also known as SUP, it is the perfect combination of surfing and traditional canoeing or kayaking. Using a canoe-like paddle and standing atop a larger version of a traditional longboard surfboard, paddlers push themselves through the water with perfectly choreographed side to side paddle strokes.

Stand-up paddling offers a phenomenal core workout with a cadence much like swimming or cycling. Before long, one is transported to another world that offers a completely new perspective and appreciation of the idea that You Only Live Once.

Beginner YOLO YAK

Yolo Watersports - Paddle Board - Captiva, FL
30 min – $16
1 hr – $27
2 hr – $37

YOLO Beach rental only

The first true hybrid SUP/kayak of its kind! Our first full adventure board. Produced using the best marine technology available, the YOLO Yak is made of rotomolded polyethelene, (just like your favorite sit-atop kayak). It is the most durable multi-use stand up paddleboard on the market. Features include a front bungee tie down system, molded-in keel system, foam traction pad and both side and rear handles. At 11’10” long and 33″ wide, this board is designed with recessed deck to provide additional stability for a variety of water pursuits such as fishing, crabbing, or just cruising your local flatwater spot

Intermediate Bic Sport Ace-Tec & Dura-Tec

1 hr – $37     2 hrs. – $48
4 hrs. – $60   8 hrs. – $65
24 hrs. – $70   extra day – $ 17


Bic Sport 11′ 6″ Ace-Tec – 260 lb. rider limit


Bic Sport 10′ 6″ Ace-Tec – 180 lb. rider limit

Bic Sport 9′ 4″ Dura-Tec – 135 lb. rider limit

Advanced Bic Sport Wing

12'6 wing

Bic Sport  12′ 6″ Wing – 260 lb. rider limit

Soft top racks included for take away rental.

Yolo Watersports - Paddle Board - Captiva, FLYolo Watersports - Paddle Board - Captiva, FL

Yolo Watersports - Paddle Board - Captiva, FL

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